Last Oasis' first update since the relaunch adds more dangerous areas to explore and loot

After a disastrous launch, Last Oasis was taken offline for a week so its developers could fix its server issues. Now that it's back online and stable, however, Last Oasis will be getting its first big content update: Hard maps.

If you haven't played Last Oasis (and you should because it's really cool), it's a survival game with a twist: Instead of hunkering down in one map, you're constantly on the run, moving from zone to zone as you outrun the scorching sun. So far there has only been a few varieties of maps to explore—different varieties of desert oases that are categorized by either easy or normal difficulty. But tomorrow, developer Donkey Crew will release Hard maps with all-new biomes, resources, and enemies.

"Hard difficulty oases will be of interest to anyone who wants to unlock technology of higher tier—more walkers, better gear, more efficient harvesting tools, and access to territory claiming," Donkey Crew said in a blog post. "This will finally provide long-term goals to clans, create reasons to declare wars, and encourage protecting solo players and small groups with harvesting and tax bonus mechanics."

You can watch the short teaser trailer above to get a glimpse at what these new zones look like. Though I'm no where near ready to venture into one myself, I'm excited to have something to work towards. Since Last Oasis' relaunch last weekend, I've been having a good time building new ships and exploring, but I was getting a little worried that Last Oasis didn't have much to do beyond the dozen hours. Hard maps should hopefully change that.

In addition to new places to explore, the update will also fix a few bugs. The world map is being overhauled to be more intuitive and the kill feed will now only show kills by or against your clan, which takes away some valuable intel for players looking to avoid roaming bands of gankers.

In its blog post, Donkey Crew also shared a bit of what players can expect in the future. The developer says its working on a much bigger update full of new features like being able to change your name and appearance and a new type of Walker. Private servers are also on the way now that Last Oasis' nasty server issues have been sorted.

If you haven't played Last Oasis yet, you can check out my thoughts here, but I'm really enjoying its unique twist on survival games. If you need some advice on how to survive the harsh deserts, check out our Last Oasis tips guide.

Steven Messner

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