Last Life is a sci-fi noir adventure 'presented by' Double Fine

If only second chances came this easy. Last Life , a new Kickstarter project from developer Sam Farmer and Rocket Science Amusements, puts players into the soft shoes of a private investigator who only has a few hours to solve one last case—his own murder. Gasp! From there, the noir stylings get a little more sci-fi: Our doomed gumshoe has been brought back to life using advanced 3D-printing technology.

Broken Age developer Double Fine is advising Farmer during the game's development and will help with distribution and marketing. You can check out a video from Double Fine's Tim Schafer introducing the game here . The partnership looks to be similar to the one between Double Fine and Escape Goat 2 .

Last Life plays out on a Martian colony where some of the remnants of humanity survive following the end of all life on Earth. As the murdered Jack Parker, your second, 3D-printed existence comes about as part of an annual festival on Mars that raises the dead—but only for long enough to show up at the party. There's also machinations involving corporations, robots, and the presumably strange characters who populate Farmer's off-world settlement, according to the game's description.

As you can see in the project's teaser above, Last Life looks like it's going full-noir in its art and voice acting, a preview of which you can see in this video . But in addition to the expected hard-boiled influences, and adventure games such as Kentucky Route Zero and The Walking Dead , Farmer also seems to have some specific goals for Last Life.

"For a long time, I've dreamt of creating a game that explores transhumanism," he writes on Kickstarter. "In it, one's individuality is tested, the dark parts of one's soul are exposed to the light, and yet hope and a chance at redemption may be just around the corner. Add to that my fascination with stories that build mounting suspense and evoke a pervasive creep-factor (think: Twin Peaks), along with introducing nuanced witty characters. And lurking amongst them… I have hidden Parker's killer."

Full funding of the $75,000 Kickstarter will see the release of the first of three planned Last Life episodes, according to the Kickstarter description. For a taste of the music being composed for Last Life, go here .