LA Noire Complete out this week, launch trailer kicks off hunt for killer arsonist

LA Noire was released yesterday in the US and will come out this Friday in Europe, letting us all step into the shoes of 1940s detective Cole Phelps. You start out as a humble cop, but your talent for shouting at people until they break down in tears soon puts you in line for promotion, and it's not long before you're careering about town, accidentally running people over and occasionally solving the odd crime.

It's been out for months on consoles, but is arriving on PC with higher resolutions and 3D support, if your monitor's up for it. All of the DLC that came out after console release is bundled in there as well. See some of the fantastic facial animation tech in action in the PC launch trailer above. It's the first Rockstar game to come over to PC since GTA 4. Still no word on a Red Dead Redemption port, though.

Tom Senior

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