Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack now available, Krieg the Psycho's genesis detailed new dev diary

Along with today's new Borderlands 2 DLC comes some behind-the-scenes details of newest character Krieg the Psycho 's years-long creation process . In yesterday's inaugural post on Gearbox developers' blog Inside the Box , Gearbox Creative Director Paul Hellquist describes Krieg's evolution from scribble on a whiteboard to playable psychopath.

“The goal of the session was to throw anything and everything that could possibly be a class for the game up on a whiteboard,” Hellquist writes. “At the end of the meeting that board had everything from the classes we shipped to completely wild ideas like 'Barber,' 'Farmer,' and 'Combat Mortician.' Of the many ideas on that board, one of them was 'Psycho.'"

I'm just going to stop for a second and think about how much fun “combat mortician” might have been. OK, I'm back.

Krieg's class skills follow the trend set by adorable hellion Gaige the Mechromancer with more complicated rules and a greater possibility for new play styles. Just as Gaige's Anarchy skill tree created a potential for “insane” levels of damage at the expense of accuracy, Krieg's skillset encourages the players to eschew personal safety and get hip-deep in a pile of roughed-up corpses .

Krieg specializes in melee weapons, so being up close and personal is really in his wheelhouse. His burned-down, gutted wheelhouse of death.

The Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack is now available, and you can check out Krieg's full skill trees right now. If you're ready to get your hands dirty, he can be yours for $10.