Kongregate now lets you download and launch free-to-play games

Kongregate, the extensive flash games depository, is busting out of the browser to let you download a selection of free-to-play games. Three games are currently available from their downloads page. There's Bomb Buddies, a Bomberman-style online arcade game; Smashmuck Champions, a top-down arena-based combat shooter; and Super Monday Night Combat - or The One You Might Actually Have Heard Of - which offers a third-person cross between DOTA and TF2.

The service is unlikely to start giving Steam a run for the free-to-play money, but it seems a sensible direction for the site to move in. Of the launch titles, I've only tried SMNC, but the others appear to offer an easy to play experience that should appeal to Kongregate's casual audience. All of the included games are set up so users can sign-in using their Kongregate account details.

Kongregate hope to bolster the number of downloads they offer in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Engadget .

Phil Savage

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