Kojima teases Metal Gear Collection 2014, here's why I think it's coming to PC

Here's a tasty titbit from Kojima, master of teases. A few hours ago he tweeted a picture of a screen displaying the words "Metal Gear Collection 2014," stating, "reading the script for TGS stage show." That is, so far, all we know—but by gosh, I am going to speculate over those four words. For instance, could a new MGS collection signal the appearance of the series' back catalogue onto PC? I think it might.

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Here's my working theory, sans flailing arms and demented diagrams :

The new console devices are a boon for the PC's growing collection of games. This is obvious, of course: it means more powerful hardware for multi-platform creators. But the games that make full use of that hardware are going to be a long time coming. As it stands, the smaller install base makes developing a game purely for the current-gen a risky proposition, and publishers have responded to that with cheaper to make re-releases of their classic games.

This is nothing new. The last-gen saw plenty of HD re-releases. The difference this year is that both consoles contain PC-friendly x86 processors. The other difference is that there are less PS4s and Xbox Ones in circulation. There are a lot of PCs in circulation, many of which have a Steam account.

Which brings us to Metal Gear. It's no surprise that, when Metal Gear Solid V was announced for PC , it was done via a cheeky cardboard Steam box. Love it or hate it, Steam is an incredibly publisher-friendly platform . It offers a baked-in DRM solution, console-comparable infrastructure and, most importantly, a huge mass of users. From the publisher's perspective, it's a law-abiding safe haven in the PC's Wild West.

And let's be honest, Konami need to offer PC gamers MGSV's historical context. The series is barmy, and trying to decipher any of its overriding arcs would be near-impossible without having experienced the previous games. The idea of a new MGS collection coming to PC doesn't just make sense; it's practically a necessity.

There are questions, of course. How would MGS 1's Psycho Mantis fight play out with no second controller slot to plug into?* What about those annoying analogue-based face button controls the middle-entries to the series loved so much? Is it even possible to rescue MGS 4 from the degenerate hole of PS3 development? Then there's the possibility that the Metal Gear Collection 2014 is another bit of classic Kojima misdirection. A remake of the two original Metal Gear games? It's possible.

We'll not know for sure until the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off September 18th.

To quickly address the comments pointing out the PC's existing MGS1 port: it was developed by a third party and published by Microsoft Game Studios, and as such, is unlikely to form the basis of any modern-day Konami release. Besides, I'd prefer to see a more elegant solution than just removing the scene.

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