Knock knock! The Old Republic's Galactic Strongholds expansion opens to subscribers next week

After being teased for months, player housing is finally coming to Star Wars MMO The Old Republic next week. The recent Gamescom trailer showed off abodes across four planets, including the spellcheck-incurring Dromund Kaas, Tatooine, and Coruscant.

For our money, Nar Shadaa is the illest. Termed the Sky Palace, it goes for a cool 250,000 credits, or one month's rent for a flat in London. Subscribers as of May 11th get it for free with five rooms unlocked (that's a value of 4,000,000 credits). Subscribers as of July 15 th receive the Stronghold with three rooms, and subscribers as of August 19 th gain the Stronghold minus the additional rooms. Where will you store all your space stamps?

You can purchase however many Strongholds you like with credits you earn in-game or with Cartel Coins from the Cartel Market.

Better yet, all houses are customisable. Craft furniture, display trophies, and choose the placement of hundreds of items, including pets, mounts, drones, fountains, tables, crappy paintings, and even bars. Play the host by inviting round your mates - just don't pay attention to the shady guy who turns up selling deathsticks, OK?

Each time you place a decoration you earn Prestige. This lets you climb the public Stronghold Directory rankings and make a name for yourself. Invitations to all the coolest parties are soon to follow.

The expansion also contains Guild Flagships so cavernous that you can fill them with ships and vehicles. These you can dock at various planets and provide powerful buffs to guild members on the ground. Our own guild, The Mint Imperials, will like that.

Galactic Strongholds releases for long-term subscribers on August 19, for players with preferred status on September 16, and for all on October 14.