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Kingston HyperX Alloy mechanical keyboard aims to make you a better FPS gamer

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Gamers have yet another mechanical keyboard option to choose from. It's the HyperX Alloy and what sets it apart from the competition is that it's specifically intended for FPS gameplay, or so Kingston says.

The basis of that claim is the plank's compact design. It's a full-size keyboard, but one with a "space-saving layout allowing gamers to maximize desktop real estate for FPS mouse movement."

It's a dubious distinction, though not outright wild—there are some downright ginormous mechanical keyboards out there. Even so, why Kingston reckons only FPS gamers will appreciate a space-saving design is beyond us.

In any event, the HyperX Alloy uses Cherry MX Blue key switches. They're the ones that make an intentionally audible clicky sound and offer tactile feedback, similar to the famed IBM Model M. According to Kingston, they're good for 50 million keystrokes.

Gaming amenities include swappable HyperX red-colored WASD and 1234 keys that are also textured, a Game Mode that disables the Windows key, 100 percent anti-ghosting, and full N-Key rollover functionality.

As the name implies, the HyperX Alloy features a steel alloy frame that's supposedly able to "withstand the most intense gameplay." It also has a detachable braided cable that you can tuck in the included mesh travel pouch, a USB charging port on the back, and red LED backlighting with six preset modes.

In going with a compact design, Kingston didn't leave any room for dedicated macro keys or media buttons, the latter of which are integrated into the Function keys.

The HyperX Alloy is available now (opens in new tab) in the U.S. and Canada for $100.

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