King's Quest Chapter 2 teaser and details revealed at PAX

King's Quest

Mirror mirror on the wall, do you have any details for King's Quest's second chapter at all? Yes, yes it does, as they've just been revealed at PAX Prime by developer The Odd Gentlemen. In Chapter 2, AKA *groan* 'Rubble Without a Cause', a newly crowned King Graham will need to deal with some pesky goblins, who have only gone and kidnapped everyone in Daventry.

While the first chapter was inspired by King's Quest 1 and 2, this next part will take more cues from KQ3, The Odd Gentlemen stated during their PAX Panel. "Those games were always changing and evolving," Polygon quotes. "We want to play with that."

Here's an incredibly short teaser trailer that features some goblins scampering after Graham against a black background. There, now you don't need to watch it.

Rubble Without a Cause will be out before the end of the year. Richard Cobbett reckoned the first part was "a comfortable adventure on a noble path, but wearing spurs of a squire instead of the crown of a king".

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