Kingdom Come: Deliverance hits Kickstarter goal in 36 hours

We were quite impressed with our first look at Warhorse Studios' upcoming medieval role-playing game , Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the internet seems to agree. The game hit its Kickstarter goal of £300,000 (almost $500,000) just 36 hours after it launched its crowdfunding campaign. It's currently inching towards £360,000, and with 27 days to go it is likely to reach far beyond that.

“This resounding confirmation of what we've been working on for almost two years just makes everything worthwhile,” Warhorse said on its Facebook page . “Now, with our goal reached, it's time for stretch goals and we shall announce the first one today. I [Warhorse founder Daniel Vávra, we presume] would also like to make one thing clear: we have come to an understanding with our investor that every penny we make above the Kickstarter goal will stay with us and will go toward making Kingdom Come: Deliverance better.”

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, Warhorse Studios was founded in 2011 by developers who previously worked on the Mafia games and other industry veterans. Kingdom Come, which is being built with the CryEngine, promises a realism-first attitude towards a genre that traditionally has been dominated by magic, dragons, and other fantasy cliches.

We dug Kingdom Come's huge open world, ambitiously deep combat system, and beautiful presentation. You can read our full impressions of the game here . Warhorse plans to publish Kingdom Come in late 2015.