Killing Floor, Shadow Complex and Dangerous Golf for $1 in latest Humble Bundle

As we reported earlier this week, the Humble Blockjam Bundle is a game jam helping to raise money for charity Block by Block that's live right now and wraps up later today. At the same time, Humble is running its Unreal Engine Bundle within which you can grab Shadow Complex Remastered, Killing Floor (including its Community Weapon Packs and Chickenator DLC), and Dangerous Golf for just $1.

As per Humble's familiar format, paying more than the average price—which at the time of writing is $4.13 (approximately £3.34)—nets you a few more games by way of survival space 'em up Adr1ft, the simple yet underrated Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare, and the wonderful walking simulator The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

And if you're feeling extra flush, paying $10 (about £8.08) nets you all of the above and an Early Access key for Hunger Games-a-like The Culling. 

As always, payments are split between developers, organisers and charity at your discretion—the latest bundle's share of the latter supporting Girls Make Games and Unreal Dev Grants.  

The Humble Unreal Engine Bundle runs from now until November 22.