The Humble Blockjam Bundle is raising money for a great cause

In 2012, Mojang teamed up with the United Nations to launch Block by Block—an initiative that funds public spaces in less well-off communities around the world, and offers young people the chance to influence urban planning by way of recreating real world areas in Minecraft.

Although successful since inception, the programme, as you can probably imagine, can be costly—which is why the Humble Blockjam Bundle is raising money to help keep Block by Block's momentum going, with 100 percent of proceeds going to the project. The jam is live now and ends 8pm GMT/12pm PT on Thursday.

"The Blockjam will include a few groups of Mojang developers, a chap from Microsoft based in Seattle, Grapefrukt, Ludosity and the wonderboys from Oxeye Game Studio," says ex-PCG-now-with-Mojang's Owen Hill. "We’re even putting on an official Mojang livestream that’ll be hosted by three of the greatest Minecraft YouTubers of all time—cat-shaped man with the insane chuckle, Stampy; cheery lover of dog art, StacyPlays; and the infectiously enthusiastic and difficult to spell, Sqaishey.

"Grapefrukt and Ludosity will be hosting their own streams too. We won’t be upset if you watch their stream instead of ours. Well, I won’t. Can’t speak for Stampy."

As is standard with the Humble process, games are DRM-free and users are free to pay what they want. "So yes!" continues Hill. "There is no catch! Watch the streams! Donate to charity! Play games! Woo! Oh, and use #blockjam if you’re going to talk about it on your social medias."

Interested? Head over to the Humble Blockjam Bundle site