Killing Floor 2 lines up for a full release in November

The co-op zombie-slaughtering FPS Killing Floor 2 first appeared on Steam in April 2015 and it's come a long way since, with the addition of new maps, new monsters, and the Versus Survival PvP mode. Through all of it, and some pretty enthusiastic words about its progress, it has remained in Early Access. But those days are winding to an end, not soon but soon-ish: Tripwire Interactive announced today that the game is set to go into full launch on November 18, the same day it'll release on PlayStation 4. 

If you've been been following along with us then you probably already have a pretty good idea what KF2 is all about, but key features include “a proprietary, high powered persistent blood system” that “will send entrails, severed limbs, and blood flying”—I'm getting my wallet out already—with solo and six-player co-op play and 12-player humans-vs-Zeds (that's Killing Floor nomenclature for zombies) action, set across numerous different game modes. The killing gets done with an arsenal that includes military-grade firepower, historical guns, and “off the wall 'Mad Scientist' weapons,” and also through brutal, flexible hands-on combat. 

We reviewed the initial Early Access release of Killing Floor 2 in May 2015, and even then it was really good: Not quite ready for prime-time, but "already a superb mutant bloodbath." You can't ask for a better starting point than that, and so I'm really looking forward to what the final release brings to the table. The base edition of Killing Floor 2 will retain its $30/£20 early access price on Steam and elsewhere, and it will also be available in a “Digital Deluxe” edition for $40/£30, and at retail, with the deluxe edition content, for the same price.

Andy Chalk

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