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Killer Instinct adds new murderous robot named Kilgore

Iron Galaxy has released a new murderous cyborg for its chunky fighting game Killer Instinct. Kilgore—an early version of the established Fulgore model—will set you back $10, and judging by the name, it was made with the express purpose of eliminating the USA's 45th vice president. A little play on words for you there. You can read all about Kilgore here, or see the machine take on Jago in the following trailer.

Wait, what was that about Ultimates? Yep, the special finishing moves are returning from Killer Instincts 1 and 2; lucky Jago's getting the first of them, and you just watched him unleash it on poor Kilgore.

50% of all Kilgore purchases are being put towards the 2017 Killer Instinct Ultra Tour Community Fund, which is raising money for competitive KI events.