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Kill us! Play on the PC Gamer official Crysis 2 server

As PC Gamer editors, we've sworn an elaborate blood oath by which all of our waking time, in some fashion, must benefit our readers. When we're not writing, we're required to be playing games with you: League of Legends, TF2, ArmA 2. Today, we've added a Crysis 2 server (the "Sad Nun") to that set of multiplayer arenas. Here's the info:

Name: PC Gamer | Sad Nun - CrySister


If our turf is too intimidating, we'd encourage you to consider our provider, Art of War Central , for a server of your own. Like a reliable, server-running bumblebee, AoWC has pollinated our multiplayer play for more than a year. Once you've played a bit, feel free to suggest specific server settings (we'd like to keep it ranked, for now) or map rotations in the comments or on our Crysis 2 community forum .

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