Ken Levine is working on an interactive Twilight Zone film


Whatever we thought BioShock creator Ken Levine was up to, it wasn't an interactive, live-action movie based on The Twilight Zone. And yet that's exactly what he's doing—in addition to his work at 2K.

"Interactivity is a spectrum, it’s not binary,” he told Wired. "I think of it as the viewer’s angle in the chair. When you watch something, you’re sitting back in the chair. When you're gaming, you're leaning forward in the chair. This is an interesting place in between ... your brain is forward in the chair."

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth

Interlude, a company that specialises in interactive video, will provide the tech to allow viewers to decide what they want characters to do, switching smoothly between multiple video streams.

Actually, now I think about it, this could be more game-like than BioShock Infinite's mammoth final cutscene.