Keep your coffee hot at your desk all day with the best insulated mug I've ever used

Yeti coffee mug copper
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Yeti coffee mug | 14 oz | Vacuum insulated | Magslider lid | $30.00$21.00 (save $9)

Yeti coffee mug | 14 oz | Vacuum insulated | Magslider lid | $30.00 $21.00 (save $9)
The perfect mug for keeping your beverages hot or cold for hours—I mean it, it'll really surprise you how long it keeps your coffee steaming hot. Sturdy, attractive, and has a neat magnet in the lid to easily snap it open or closed. I use this mug, literally, every single day.

Coffee and PC gaming, for me, go hand in hand. And since I don't drink as much coffee as I used to, or as fast as I used to, it makes a difference when I can keep my coffee hot for hours without having to get up to nuke it or dump it for a fresh cup. If you also drink coffee while working or gaming, here's a Cyber Monday deal for the best coffee mug around: the 14 oz Yeti Rambler mug, which is 30% off, making it only $21.

I'll try not to evangelize too much, but I'm gonna be completely honest: I absolutely love this Yeti mug and I use it every single day. I know there are lots of mugs that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, but despite trying several over the past few decades I've never found one that does it as surprisingly well as my Yeti mug. 

I've had days where I've poured a hot cup of coffee into my Yeti, closed the lid, and then foolishly forgotten to take it with me while running errands. And I've returned several hours later, taken a sip, and have been genuinely shocked that the coffee is still piping hot. And even a few more hours after that, it's still warm enough to drink even if it's not exactly steaming.

That's cuz of its double-walled vacuum insulation construction, which I know a lot of other coffee mugs have, but I've never found one that does it as well as Yeti. There's also a nifty see-through lid with a slider that uses a magnet that makes it easy to snap firmly shut, but also keeps it easy to open. Plus, unlike most insulated mugs, it has a handle. I don't know why that's nice, but it just is. It's a great mug all around!

This attractive copper version of the 14 oz Yeti Rambler mug is the lowest-priced one, though it comes in a number of other colors, they're just not as deeply discounted. I have the navy blue version myself, which is also on sale (though not for quite as great a price). I also have the 20 oz Rambler version which is great for the car (though it's not on sale at all, unfortunately, it's still an excellent travel mug).

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