Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod dev explains a new game mode, shows customizable armies

We've lauded the in-progress Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod before as an expression of the complete and utter chaos sandbox games are capable of. And, while the multiplayer add-on for the open world game is buggy and fun, it is basically just free-range mayhem for over 1,000 players at once.

In a blog post on the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod site, however, developer jaxm has detailed plans for the Faction Wars game mode, which will have players commanding armies, supporting allies and—I'm certain—blowing a lot of stuff up.

Players will never have to enter console commands, but will instead interact with their armies via a custom menu system. In the menu, faction leaders can invite players, request alliances, declare war and customize their armies. Purple fighter jets? You got it, commander.

Players will also be able to customize their loadouts, and this is where the game really starts to look like a jet of a different color. The final classes aren't decided, but they will basically run along the same lines as most multiplayer military shooters: assault, medic, sniper, support, etc. Imagining the basic play structure, classes and vehicles of Battlefield 3 dropped into an open-world game like Just Cause 2 makes my trigger finger very twitchy. In this kind of environment, b uilding a team that has the right mix of armor and infantry and support units will be as crucial to victory as defending bases and having powerful allies.

The Faction Wars mode for the JC2 multiplayer mod is still in development, but it looks promising as a way to structure the chaos inherent in the island . Maybe it's something they put in the water?