Journey to the Savage Planet is getting Hot Garbage DLC next week

Journey to the Savage Planet is releasing its first DLC on PC and Xbox One next week. The Hot Garbage expansion will be $8/£7, and lets players explore a new area with more enemies to fight and upgrades to unlock.

In the DLC, your dubious employer Kindred Aerospace has opened up a lovely water park, but competitor Viper Corp has started dumping masses of toxic waste and poisonous pollutants into it. It's your job as a valued employee to go put a stop to their plan. 

It's a big ol' mess, which means that you'll need some new kit. As showcased in the trailer above, players will have access to a pair of underwater boots for submerged traversing, a toxic deshocker for exploring toxic areas, and a jetpack that lets you boost through the air.

The Hot Garbage expansion will be released on PC through the Epic Games Store on April 15. Phil Iwaniuk really enjoyed Journey to the Savage Planet when it released in January, awarding it an 84 in his review, and saying "the blend of established genres and mechanics at the heart of Journey to the Savage Planet are expertly chosen and blended together like a muso's mixtape".

Rachel Watts

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