Journey developer's cozy MMO is finally flying onto PC

Characters looking out over the world of Sky.
(Image credit: thatgamecompany)

Thatgamecompany is best-known for Journey, a singularly beautiful adventure-puzzler with a mysterious co-op element, whereby unknown other players will drop in and out of your own journey as they make theirs. This idea seemed to be the genesis of the studio's next game, Sky: Children of the Light, which initially launched on mobile devices, aiming to expand the idea of semi-anonymous co-op across more players in environments with greater scale.

I played it on release in 2019 and loved it, particularly how it managed to capture so much of what made Journey special in a more open-ended style, packed with mysteries. It is definitely an MMO but it's also one that works like no other, and one where the limits the game places on interaction and identity work to foster a unique atmosphere. All of which is to say that's very good news Sky has now appeared on Steam and can be wishlisted. And according to its store page, will include cross-platform multiplayer.

Sadly there's no release date yet, though you wouldn't expect it to take too much longer as it's already launched on several other platforms. Per the blurb:

"Team up with players from around the world to uncover the secrets of Sky in this peaceful open-world MMORPG. Adventure into darker realms, bring light to your Ancestors, and uncover ancient treasures. The realms of Sky are ever-expanding with fresh features, areas, items, and seasonal events. Meet new friends on an adventure that never ends!"

The game features seven dream realms, and is one of those where it can be as involved or as chilled-out as you like. I'm also conscious that, since I played it, Thatgamecompany has continued to add to the game as well as holding seasonal events, all of which per the Steam listing will be included in this PC release.

Sky really is a sweet game that delivers on the promise of unusual social mechanics, as well as a beautiful one, and I've never played anything else quite like it: Especially having fun with emotes when someone quirky turns up, and exchanging gifts of light. Do keep an eye out for this when it releases because, for free, you really can't go wrong.

Rich Stanton

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