Join the PC Gamer clan in Bloodline Champions!


One of the greatest free-to-play games out there just isn't getting enough attention. Bloodline Champions boils the MOBA down to its core element, team combat, and strips out the frivolous things, like items, creeps, levels, and mana—it's just you, your cooldowns, and your teammates, taking on all comers. Despite a bit of a learning curve, we thoroughly enjoyed BLC's fast-paced, deathmatch-style gameplay. As of this morning, the long awaited Clan functionality has finally been implemented—and the newly-formed Coconut Monkeys Clan (tag: PCG) is accepting any and all.

If you'd like to join ranks with the upper-class, elite members of BLC's ladder, you'll probably want to join someone else's clan. But if you're looking for a fun group to play with and chat in-between matches with, feel free to send an in-game tell to Ljrepresent or Binereus (myself and Josh, respectively) for an invite.

If you haven't yet, now would the perfect time to give BLC a try, and link up with fellow members of PC Gamer Nation. You'll even get an awesome Easter-themed skin if you log in anytime during the next five days—and who doesn't want to slaughter their enemies while dressed up as an Easter egg? To all of PC Gamer's loyal fans, young and old: let us unite, and conquer the leaderboards! Or simply have some fun in a free game; either way.