Jar-headed Elden Ring hero helps 5,000 players beat the game, but not the one you're thinking of

LetMeSoloThem stands in a T-pose before a purple background.
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You remember that bit in the V For Vendetta film when the people of England—suffused by the fiery spirit of generally agreeable moderatism—all don their own V masks and take to the streets, proving that ideas are unkillable? Well now it's happening in Elden Ring, but with an upturned jar instead of a V mask and a big, starry monster in place of an allegory for the Bush administration.

That's right, LetMeSoloHer—the Elden Ring hero who helped so many people beat Malenia that FromSoft made them a sword—has imitators, and they aren't slouching. One such hero, the slightly confusingly named LetMeSoloThem, recently took to Reddit (via PCGamesN) to announce that they had helped 5,000 players overcome Elden Ring's final bosses: Radagon and the Elden Beast. 

I’ve helped 5000 people defeat the final boss of Elden Ring! from r/gaming

"Over a year and a half ago, I started wearing a jar helm," wrote LetMeSoloThem on Reddit, "going by the name LetMeSoloThem I set a goal to help as many people as I could become Elden Lord. Today I'm honoured to say I've finally helped 5,000 people defeat the final boss of Elden Ring."

Forgive me for the nerdy, detail-obsessed analysis, but 5,000 is a large number. It's 4,999 more times than anyone I know has beaten Elden Ring, and is—in fact—enough Radagons and Elden Beasts to replace the entire population of Wadhurst in East Sussex. I'm not sure I could maintain that level of dedication to anything; the only things I've done more than 5,000 times are things that would literally kill me if I stopped doing them, and even then I've resented it.

LetMeSoloHer's (the original) imitators have taken to calling themselves the "Jarnished," and there are more out there than just the subject of this article. My personal favourite—who was also mentioned in the top comment on LetMeSoloThem's Reddit post—is LetHerSoloMe, a player who will let you summon them into Malenia's fight so that she can utterly annihilate them. Hey, a meat shield still helps, right? 

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