Ittle Dew: a gorgeous Zelda-like adventure where you play as a complete jerk

In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you could famously rob the local item shop, an act that would see you branded as a THIEF for the rest of the game. Zelda-inspired parody Ittle Dew takes that idea and runs with it, putting you in the role of a puzzle-solving, dungeon-robbing jerk of an adventurer who "may enjoy hitting things a bit too much". This beautifully drawn adventure is out now, for the reasonable price of $13.99.

Ittle Dew, like Link, enjoys finding treasure, demolishing pots, and solving puzzles by hitting them, and she travels with her own slightly weary magical companion: a glum flying fox named Tippsie. The trailer shows a game that's quite a lot like 16-bit classic Zelda: A Link To The Past, but with plenty of in-jokes, and an absolutely gorgeous art style.

Ittle Dew is coming to Mac mid-July, Steam at the end of the month, and Linux sometime this Autumn/Winter. If you purchase the game from the site, however, you'll be given those versions too when they're ready – which is nice.

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Tom Sykes

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