It’s time to get excited about keyboards

Your keyboard. You use it every day and it’s a vital piece of your gaming setup, but as long as it works it’s pretty much the most overlooked component of your PC. You might even put more thought into what sort of case you'd have for your PC than you did into your choice of keyboard. 

Mice are another matter. Mice used to be similarly unloved, with their tendency to get clogged up with desk gunk, until optical mice appeared in the late 1990s, making gaming mice a very real thing. Many are the PCs boasting some multi-buttoned, aerodynamic gaming mouse alongside some unresponsive OEM keyboard with fading WASD keys and crumbs in all the crevices. 

It doesn't have to be that way any more. Keyboards have bucked their ideas up and now you can find a model that not only looks good on your desk, but is also engineered to help you play better and for longer, without costing you a fortune. Step forward, Logitech's G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard.

Like all the best keyboards it features mechanical switches in every key, rather than the cheap rubber domes you'll find in every bundled keyboard. Mechanical switches are more responsive, more reliable and more tactile than standard keys, and the G810's are better than most. 

Instead of the industry standard Cherry MX switches used in most mechanicals, the G810 Orion Spectrum uses Logitech's own Romer-G switches, which have been designed to deliver the near-instant responsiveness you need when you're gaming. They actuate at just 1.5mm; that's 25 percent shorter and faster than standard mice, and almost twice as quick as a rubber dome. 

Not only do they require less travel, Romer-G switches also require less force, needing just 45g of pressure to actuate. This not only helps make them even more responsive, it also means you expend less energy with every key press, helping minimize fatigue over extended gaming sessions. And it packs a 26-key rollover that'll accurately capture even the most complex moves, and the ability to switch off unwanted keys in-game.

This is all great news when you need that little extra competitive edge, but what you're really going to notice about the G810 Orion Spectrum is its dazzling RGB backlighting. Every key can be set to any color you like using Logitech’s Gaming Software, which also comes with ready-made profiles for over 300 top games, from the latest hits such as Battlefield 1 and Dota 2 to timeless classics like Half-Life 2, and will light up the keys you need in-game so that you're never caught out in the heat of the action.

And if you fancy showing off, you can also use Logitech Gaming Software to unleash amazing multicolored effects across your keyboard. Whether you want a full rainbow sweep across the keys, or a more subtle twinkling starscape effect, you can rely on the G810 to provide some extra eye-candy for your PC. 

The G810 also features dedicated media controls that make it easy to manage your music while you play. You can mute, pause or skip tracks at the touch of a button, and easily adjust the volume using the roller.

Built for performance and reliability – the mechanical switches are tested up to 70 million key presses – the G810 Orion Spectrum also boasts top build quality. Its matte casing means it won't attract unsightly fingerprints, it features a braided cable that won't get tangled up at the back of your box, and its three-step adjustment will ensure that you can always set it at just the right angle for you.

In short, the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is a high-end piece of pro gaming gear for everyone, and it'll make you wonder why you ever made do with the cheap bit of plastic that came with your last PC. It's available now for just £111.99/$159.99 with shipping included, so why hang about? Order now and own the gaming keyboard that you deserve.

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