It's the perfect weekend to try co-op survival game Icarus, because it's free on Steam

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(Image credit: RocketWerkz)

If you haven't played co-op survival game Icarus, this is the weekend to give it a shot. To celebrate two years since launch, developer RocketWerkz is inviting everyone to visit their beautiful but extremely deadly alien planet: Icarus is free to play for the weekend.

As a bonus, if you decide you want to stick around past December 4, you can buy the game for 33% off. Not a bad deal.

If you haven't been keeping up with Icarus lately, well, it's been keeping up with its community. I think it's genuinely one of the most responsive games out there in terms of reaction to community requests. Since it launched its added a number of new modes, including a complete open world (it was initially a session-based survival game), mounts, an expansive fishing system, new maps, and more. It's also grown from an original roster of 35 missions to over 100, plus added lots of other, smaller quests.

Most impressively, Icarus began with about 150 craftable items and that number has swollen almost ridiculously over the past two years: now there's well over 1,100 items to craft. If you dive in this weekend—and you really should—I daresay it'll keep you busy.

Christopher Livingston
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