It sure looks like edgy Pinocchio retelling Lies of P is getting some kind of DLC

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It seems Lies of P's chilling take on the tale of Pinocchio isn't finished yet. A Neowiz job listing discovered by Okami Games has revealed that DLC "is planned for production."

I was iffy on Lies of P at first. The idea of "Pinocchio, but soulslike" was undeniably intriguing, but sometimes an overt embrace of weirdness can mask, well, less-than-stellar gameplay. But the closer it got, the better it looked, and in the end it lived up to the hype: It's not without flaws, but as we said in our 74% review, "Somehow, Lies of P pulls off its gritty Pinocchio retelling, managing the impossibility of incorporating elements from both the folktale and the 1940 film without feeling, y'know, absurd."

Bit of a spoiler here, but Lies of P also lays a very clear foundation for future storytelling—I will say no more about that, but if your curiosity is irresistible you can get the lowdown on YouTube. There's no indication that the DLC will be directly related to the base game's spoiler-tastic groundwork for a continuation, but it's clear that Neowiz has more in mind.

The job listing, technically for Neowiz's Round8 studio, is in Korean, but here's the relevant bit, via Google Translate:

Project introduction: 2022 Gamescom Awards - Korea’s first/largest number of awards in three categories: Most Wanted Sony Playstation Game, Best Role Playing Game, and Best Action Adventure Game

  • Extreme action RPG project based on Unreal Engine 4
  • Souls-like genre faithful to sophisticated combat and level design
  • Lies of P's unique story that reinterprets the classic masterpiece Pinocchio as a cruel fairy tale
  • Provides a variety of attractions set in the Belle Epoque era
  • Projects with a team culture strongly bound by test-driven development
  • DLC planned for production (this is the important bit)
  • Release platform: PC / Console

Neowiz declined to comment on the possibility of Lies of P DLC, but directed me to a "developer letter" shared in September that hints at it pretty strongly. In it, game director Choi Ji Won expresses gratitude to players and commits to addressing bugs and performance issues in future updates, and then says the studio "will be providing a roadmap of the contents planned for Lies of P as soon as it is ready."

So while they're hasn't been an official announcement yet, it seems like a lock that more Lies of P is on the way. Whether it will continue the tale of P (whichever P that may be) or spin off into some different direction remains to be seen—hopefully we'll find out soon.

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