Sega confirms Sonic Frontiers release date

Sonic standing gobsmacked at the edge of a cliff
(Image credit: Sega)

Update: After accidentally slipping the release date a bit early, Sega has confirmed via a new Gamescom Opening Night Live trailer that Sonic Frontiers will release on November 8, 2022, a bit sooner than some of us expected. Watch the trailer above.

Original story: Sonic Frontiers has been a rather baffling project so far. PC Gamer's Morgan Park saw a 30-minute playable demo during not-E3 and though he thought it was "bad" in the way many modern Sonic games are, he also couldn't wait to play more. This open-world, puzzling platformer looks like the hedgehog's attempt to get a little Breath of the Wild, but how that works as a tiny mammal whose sole desires include going fast and fast food, lord knows. In any case we've now seemingly got a release date due to a new Japanese trailer. 

An unlisted video on an official Japanese Sonic YouTube channel has shown that the game is set to release on November 8, 2022. The short 30 second video shows a little gameplay, including a massive structure Sonic runs up, as well as a quick flick between some of the settings the blue blur will encounter during his adventure.

There is also a voice in the background of the video monologuing, as all good dramatic montages need. I don't speak Japanese so I can't comment too much on YouTube auto translate authenticity, but the narrator says something about a mighty enemy standing in their way and the constant ability to move forward despite challenges.

At the very end of the trailer there is a card showing a November 8 release date and the confirmation that the game will come to Steam as well as consoles. Also there's a cheesy rock song in the style you'd see as intro music for Rooster Teeth anime RWBY screaming about Sonic and his Frontiers which I rather enjoyed. 

The trailer still makes Sonic Frontiers look pretty weird. Not in a bad way, but in a way I can't understand how this project is real or coming out soon. Some of the shots from the trailer look like they belong in an early Halo game and I have no idea why we're climbing up monsters that look like Pokémon legendaries, but we'll find out more in November.  

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