It looks like Outer Wilds is getting some DLC in the near future

The Outer Wilds
(Image credit: Mobius Digital)

It looks like the time-looping adventure Outer Wilds is getting DLC, if a SteamDB entry and lots of cheeky eye emojis are anything to go by.

The entry on SteamDB was spotted by Simon Carless over on Twitter, being added on April 28 before being given the name Echoes of the Eye an hour later. It's also listed as having Outer Wilds as the parent, pointing towards DLC rather than a sequel. 

While the DLC hasn't been officially announced, publisher Annapurna gave a sly single eye emoji to Carless' tweet. That was then quote-retweeted by developer Mobius Digital Games, who upped the ante to two pairs of eye emojis. While it's not a solid confirmation, it's not exactly a denial either. 

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Between the name and all the digital eyes getting thrown around, it's looking likely that Echoes of the Eye will have something to do with the Eye of the Universe. Those who've played will know how big a role the planet plays in the game, despite the fact we never really get to learn much about its origins.

We gave Outer Wilds the award for the best adventure game of 2019, with Phil calling it a "fascinating adventure" that is "beautiful and sad and filled with stories that are worth discovering."

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