Iron Harvest's first DLC reimagines the Russian Revolution with stompin' great mechs

Ah, comrades! The time has come to raise arms against the bourgeoisie—whether that arm is your own flesh and bone or the reinforced steel of a steam-powered battlemech. Announced today, Iron Harvest's first DLC sees its alt-history setting ask a question I never knew needed answering: what if the Russian Revolution had giant killer robots?

Set to arrive on December 17th, the Rusviet Revolution adds four new singleplayer and co-op missions to the game, centred around legendary beard-owner Rasputin—who, considering Iron Harvest's 1920+ setting, is probably stomping around not-Russia is a big tin Gundam. 

At the very least, the DLC has given us another staggering piece of alt-history art from 1920+ creator Jakub Rozalski, whose paintings of pastoral scenes with stompin' great war machines still make for fantastic viewing.

The expansion will be free for Kickstarter backers and deluxe edition owners, or $4 for everyone else. There's a good few free treats to enjoy before you go waving the red flag from the top of your old-fashioned war machine, mind. 

This week also saw the release of a new Drop Zone gamemode, which sees teams scramble to control resources air-dropped across the map. November also saw the addition of a new Dark Forest map, while today's update fixes a number of online matchmaking issues.

Finally, Iron Harvest is currently having a free demo weekend, letting you try your hand at a few singleplayer missions and a handful of skirmish maps against the AI or other players. Somehow, despite being Company of Heroes with giant robots, I've yet to try my hand at Iron Harvest. Seems as good an excuse as any to finally give the thing a go.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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