Introducing League of Legends' 100th champion: Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

It's been a long time coming, but League of Legends is finally hitting the triple digits on their champion roster. Their next champion, already on the test servers and due on live servers sometime this week or next, is the 100th champion added to the game, and Riot's decking him out accordingly. Let's take a look at his kit.

Oddly enough, Riot hasn't been making a big deal of this being a milestone champion release. I triple-checked my counting of the champion list to make sure I hadn't miscalculated, and this is definitely the big one-oh-oh. There are a few conspiracy theories floating on the forums already about how Jayce will not be the 100th champion--theories range from Jayce secretly being Urf , the much-teased manatee that's become an inside joke at Riot, to Riot deleting Teemo the day Jayce is released to keep it at 99 total champions.

Jayce is described as "a class act and charmer," a "modern gentleman," and a "scientific genius" who is "a brazen, well-equipped man for all seasons." He also carries a giant two-handed hammer that turns into a taser crossbow. Pretty darn solid lineup for the centurion champion.

Mechanics-wise, Jayce functions similar to Nidalee, using his ultimate ability to switch between two stances that swap out the rest of his abilities. He's primarily an AD Fighter with some CC and the ability to switch between melee and ranged weapons.

Passive and Ultimates

Abilities with hammer out

Abilities with cannon out

If you want to see Jayce's abilities in action, you can play him right now on the test servers (see our article on how to sign up and download the test server for more info). If you just want to watch, State of the League has put together a great video that showcases his skills. Give it a quick watch.

It is rather unusual that Riot hasn't made a bigger deal of this milestone champion so far. I wouldn't be surprised if the devs still have a trick up their sleeves for this one. We'll be keeping an eye on this dapper gentleman and let you know how he turns out.