Insurgency leaves early access, deploys a tactically insignificant launch trailer

Follow me down this long smokey sentence, being very careful not to linger near arches or windows. No! Don't stand there! It's in full view of the perfect sniper nest. Are you trying to get us killed? Okay, look, just cover me as I run through the rest of the paragraph, where, if we're lucky, I'll be able to capture our objective: the launch trailer for the no-longer-beta tactical FPS, Insurgency.

Hmm, now that we've seen it, it almost doesn't seem worth the effort.

Insurgency is now a full-fat, official, not Early Access game that's available for £12/$13.50 normally, and with a 10% discount until the 29th January. And fortunately, we don't need to rely on vague, impressionistic teasers of how it might play. Last week, its developers released a series of videos highlighting how each mode can shake down. Here's one for Firefight, in which players must capture and hold three objectives around the map.

And here's Skirmish, which is similarly based around capture points, but also features a supply cache that enables respawns until it's destroyed.

You can see the rest of the raw footage over at the Insurgency website . Alternatively, find out how Ian fared when he went hands-on with the game earlier this month.

Phil Savage

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