Insomniac announces two more Oculus Rift exclusives

Insomniac VR

Insomniac is going all-in on VR. In partnership with Oculus Studios, it's releasing two more Rift games this year in addition to Edge of Nowhere in June.

The Unspoken, targeted for the end of the year, plans to capitalise on the Oculus Touch controllers which ought to be out by then. Two battle wizards, each controlled by a player, duel it out in modern-day Chicago, waving arms in mystical sweeps to cast spells. Get good enough and you'll be able to read your opponent's hand gestures and counter on the fly.

The trailer for Feral Rites, coming Autumn, doesn't give much away. In brief, it's a third person, quest-driven, combo-based brawler. In conjunction with The Unspoken, it suggests Insomniac has found an ideal companion for VR in fighting games.

I'm somewhat surprised Insomniac has chosen to make both games exclusive to the Oculus store, particularly as one clever hack has already demonstrated how artificial the separation between Rift and Vive games is—everything runs through PC, after all.