Inside collector's edition costs $375 and contains something made by sex doll manufacturer RealDoll

iam8bit has revealed a collector's edition of Playdead's dark and disturbing adventure game Inside, though 'revealed' may not be the best word since there's very little indication of what you receive for the stated price of $375. We know it comes with a disc copy of Inside for the PS4, as well as Steam codes for both Inside and Limbo that you receive via email after purchasing. As for what else it might include that costs so much ("Other stuff" is how the site puts it), they won't say. However, they've partnered with Realdoll, so we can at least speculate.

Realdoll is a company makes life-sized sex dolls with PVC skeletons, steel joints, and silicone flesh. If you've played Inside (and finished it), you probably noticed there's a rather fleshy thing in it. So, it stands to reason that the Inside collector's edition may include a fleshy replica of the fleshy thing, but iam8bit isn't saying and apparently won't say until it actually ships.

One further note from the collector's edition: "This edition weighs a surprising amount, hence associated shipping fees & tariffs." Wow, this deal just keeps getting better and better. They're also not saying when it will ship: the site only says "Shipping when done" and admits "Yes, that's vague!" though a press release we received says it is "estimated to ship Q1 2019."

To summarize: if you want to spend $375 on something without knowing what it is or when you will get it, you can throw your money at them beginning on March 8. After June 8, however, this offer to buy something without knowing what it is will end.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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