How to get the Inflate-a-Bull in Fortnite

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Epic has introduced a new item known as the "Inflate-a-Bull" to Fortnite, and frankly, it's awesome. I might be a jaded Fortnite reporter, but being able to turn into a giant bouncy bovine and traverse the battle royale island faster than any current vehicle is thrilling. You certainly can't do this in Warzone.

The Inflate-a-Bull is an item that you can get from a variety of locations, and since it's fairly unique, we thought it was worth it to lay out how to get the Inflate-a-Bull and how to use it during battle royale matches.

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How to get the Inflate-a-Bull

You can grab the Inflate-a-Bull from a decent variety of locations. It's classified as a rare item, but one NPC will just straight up sell it to you.

Rick Sanchez, of Rick and Morty fame, is located on the top floor of the IO base directly east of Weeping Woods. Look for the bright red light emitting from its satellite dish.

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Rick will sell you the Inflate-a-Bull for 25 gold bars. All things considered, that's pretty cheap for a rare item, but if you don't feel like spending your valuable gold, there's another option.

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The Inflate-a-Bull can be found in supply drops (the boxes descending from the sky) or IO loot chests located at any IO base. They're the long black boxes, and some tend to be hidden in corners, so keep an eye out.

The Inflate-a-Bull can also be found in regular loot chests, but it's much harder to find them there.


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How to use the Inflate-a-Bull

Once you've got your bovine buddy, all you need to do is equip it and hit spacebar (jump) while in midair. This will activate the inflatable form and you'll start bouncing and rolling around like a mad cow.

You can intentionally bounce the Inflate-a-Bull by holding spacebar/jump and releasing at the appropriate interval. It's easy to mess this up and whiff your bounce, but one good bounce is all you need to cross a long distance.

Couple of things to note: The Inflate-a-Bull has a sort of "gas" meter. Every time you deploy the Inflate-a-Bull or start a new jump, it'll decrease by a small amount. If you take damage, the same is true.

It's easy to lose control of the Inflate-a-Bull, so if you're aiming for surgical flanking precision, you might want to stay on foot. If you're just looking to retreat from the oncoming storm, it's a great way to bail out of an area in a hurry.

That's it for the Inflate-a-Bull. Fortnite fans had been waiting for a while to see what would come of the new addition, so finally seeing this goofy thing in-game is sure to excite and/or confuse plenty of folks.

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