Infinite Crisis open beta begins March 14, adds three new Champions

Almost a year after it was first announced , Turbine's DC Comics-themed MOBA Infinite Crisis will begin its open beta on March 14. To celebrate the event, Turbine's also adding three new Champions: Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Mecha Superman.

Before the open beta, players could get into Infinite Crisis early by paying for its Founders Program, which also came with extra Champions, early access to new maps, in-game currency, and other goodies. Similar to League of Legends , if you play the game for free, you'll get access to six Champions, with three of them rotating out for new Champions every week.

Infinite Crisis will have dozens of playable characters by the time the open beta starts, including the three new Champions announced today . In addition to the usual suspects, Infinite Crisis also offers some weirder, alternate variants of DC superheroes.

For example, Mecha Superman is a version of the superhero from the game's Mecha universe. Constructed out of a crashed Kryptonian space probe, he's a huge robotic with a giant drill weapon that's great at crowd control (much cooler than some dude who can talk to fish).

For more on Infinite Crisis, check out our most recent preview , which looks into its new three-lane map, called Gotham Divided.