Independent Games Festival 2013 entries revealed

The Independent Games Festival , the longest running and best-known competition for coffee-shop developers, has just announced the list of games up for the 2013 Main Competition. A record-breaking 589 entrants have been selected, with a range of games that boggles the mind. There's something for everyone.

You probably just snarked at the screen and said: "Oh really? Is there a puzzle game based on the relation between regular expressions and finite state machines?" Well no-one likes a Grumpy Gus. And yes, there totally is.

There's no gaming-based regional holiday, but I'll confess to a Christmas-like thrill when the annual list arrives: this year's gathering will be full of known gems, like the limb-twisting Incredipede and the malevolent Hotline Miami , as well as unknown and off-the-wall ideas like the handily titled Against The Wall , "a first-person puzzle-platformer set on the side of an infinite wall." Everyone likes walls!

The full list has nearly 600 games to scroll through. Some are playable, some are just previewed, but all have been made with love and care. Hugs!