How to make your Valheim base as comfy and cosy as possible

increase Valheim comfort level
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Want to know how to increase your Valheim comfort level? From the moment you step into the tenth Norse world and start building your first rudimentary base, you'll notice the comfort level that appears in the top-right corner of your screen. There's no in-game explanation of what this does, so you may be left wondering what comfort level means and how to increase it.

It's tied to the duration of the Rested buff, which improves your health and stamina regen while active. This is invaluable if you're preparing to take on one of the Valheim bosses or venturing into potentially dangerous new biomes, so it's worth knowing what you can do to extend it. Here's everything you need to know about how to get the highest comfort level in Valheim to maximise your Rested buff.

Why your Valheim comfort level is important

As your comfort level determines the duration of your Rested buff, make sure it's as high as is reasonably possible, especially if you're venturing beyond your base. Seven minutes is the base duration of the buff and each level of comfort will add an extra minute to that time. 

Currently, the Valheim max comfort level is 17—if you're lucky enough to find a Maypole to build around—which gives you 24 Rested minutes. As an entire day/night cycle lasts around 30 minutes, with daylight lasting for around 21 of those, you should have more than enough buff time for most adventures.

You can increase your comfort level by decorating your base with furniture, rugs, and items, though these will need to be placed within ten metres of the player in order for them to stack. Also, adding multiples of the same thing will not increase your comfort and, in some cases, items with a similar purpose will also not stack, such as stools, chairs, and benches.

The following items don't stack and will take the lower comfort bonus if both are present:

  • Campfire (1) and Hearth (2)
  • Bench (1), Stool (1), Chair (2)
  • Bed (1) and Dragon bed (2)

Valheim max comfort level: How to increase it 

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Here's a list of everything that increases your comfort in Valheim (numbers in brackets denote the number of comfort level bonus):

  • Campfire (1)
  • Shelter (1)
  • Bed (1)
  • Deer rug (1)
  • Bench (1)
  • Stool (1)
  • Chair (2)
  • Table (1)
  • Raven Throne (3)
  • Wolf rug (1)
  • Dragon bed (2)
  • Hearth (2)
  • Banners (1)
  • Hanging brazier (1)
  • Lox rug (1)
  • Maypole (1)*
  • Christmas Tree (1)*

*The Maypole and Christmas tree cannot currently be crafted, but can very occasionally be found in abandoned villages on certain worlds. Building your base around them is the only way to benefit from its comfort bonus. Technically this would make your maximum comfort level 19, giving you 26 Rested minutes.

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