Incognita opens for alpha access, trailer shows turn-based espionage in action

I'm starting to worry about Klei, you guys. Between new Mark of the Ninja DLC , continued development on Don't Starve, and now the turn-based spy-'em-up Incongnita, they're pumping out an incredible number of games. Has anyone checked to make sure their office isn't full of developers chained to computers; forced to code strategic espionage-based interactions and draw gorgeously stylistic art? They've just opened Incognita for pre-order purchase , giving buyers instant alpha access to the game. Maybe they need to raise funds for some thicker restraints?

It looks like a great twist on the X-Com formula, substituting all-out alien war for a cool, stealth-focused campaign of hacking and heists. Klei say that they currently have the core mechanics in place, but that many of the features are still to be implemented. Right now, backers will get a single randomly generated level, a few agents, but little in the way of character progression. For a more detailed look, check out the recent 40 minute livestream .

"Because the game is still in the early stages, we're expecting the game to change significantly as we test and iterate on major features," writes technical designer James Lantz . "We're also expecting major bugs to pop up during the development, as much as we try to avoid them."

As is now standard with alpha funding, buying now will give you access to all current and future builds, including a final copy of the game. The standard price is currently $16.99, and comes with two copies.

The "Full Game" version of Incognita is due out next year.

Phil Savage

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