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Incognita livestream shows off 40 minutes of turn-based tactical espionage

I was assuming the title of Klei's next game would be another helpful instruction like 'Don't Starve' or, you know, 'Shank'. Instead it's ' Incognita ', which is the kind of name you'd give a Spanish secret agent in a Saturday morning cartoon. I am entirely OK with this. Another thing I am OK with: a forty-odd minute livestream of the turn-based espionage title, which if you missed it has been recorded and embeddified below.

Cor. There's a lot going on there, but based on an admittedly cursory appreciation, I'd say Incognita looks a little like XCOM crosslinked with Gunpoint. The video shows off one of the game's procedurally generated stages, with all the careful sneaking, hacking and trying-not-do-die-ing you'd expect from something with the word 'espionage' in the subtitle.

As revealed in that stream, we can expect a beta within the next couple of months. (Ta, Eurogamer )