In this adventure game your partner is a talking dog and you're hunting Jack the Ripper

Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death is a story-driven adventure game set in 19th century London. It stars Sir Lancelot Du Lac, immortal knight, and Morgana Le Fey, a sorceress cursed to inhabit a canine form. It's currently on Kickstarter, with developer Salix Games asking for $53,022 to bring it to life. At the time of writing, its campaign has earned $20,717 and will run for another 17 days. 

Du Lac & Fey is fundamentally a point-and-click mystery about tracking down Jack the Ripper during the height of 1888's famous Whitechapel Murders. You swap between Du Lac, Fey and a third playable character, Mary Kelly, to sniff out clues and gather information by visiting crime scenes and interviewing locals.  

"Each character has their own set of skills so you will be encouraged to switch back and forth in order to find clues and piece together what has happened," Salix Games says. It makes you wonder what Fey, a talking sheepdog, excels at. 

The actions you take and the explanations you come up with affect the overarching story, Salix explains, as well as individual character arcs. Like the main trio, the supporting characters are well-drawn with sharp, exaggerated features. Some of them have prominent voice actors as well, with Gareth David-Lloyd of Dragon Age: Inquisition voicing Du Lac himself. 

Although contingent on the success of its Kickstarter, Du Lac & Fey is expected to release in mid-2018. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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