Impact Winter studio releases control-fixing patch, promises more updates are on the way

I've thought for some time now that the end-of-the-world survival game Impact Winter looked very promising. Joe said he felt the same way, and our preview was very positive too, although it acknowledged that the game's mechanics "are a little messy." So it was a real surprise to pop over to the Impact Winter page on Steam and see that the user reviews are "mostly negative." The problem, very broadly put, is bugs: Bad controls, no support for ultrawide resolutions, no mouse functionality in menus, and a general sense that "this game is a mess in its current state," as one player put it. 

Some of those issues, primarily related to the funky controls, were addressed in a patch that was rolled out just ahead of the weekend, and developer Mojo Bones said it aims to have another patch out this week. "As explained in the roadmap we shared with you earlier, it will decrease loading times and will include further keyboard and mouse control improvements. We are also thinking about other enhancements," the studio wrote

Mojo Bones said its short-term objectives include "continuous improvements of keyboard and mouse controls," and support for multiple keyboard/mouse configurations. The studio has also found a way to cut loading times in half, but more testing is required to ensure the change doesn't break some other part of the game. It also plans to add custom key binding options within the next three to four weeks. 

"Mojo Bones and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe teams are working around the clock to make sure we’ll stick to this plan. Obviously, we’ll also continue to fix remaining bugs and improve different areas of the game as a long term support for this game. We’ll also continue to take into account your feedback at the best of our capacity," the studio wrote. "Be assured that we’ll keep you posted about the content of patches regularly and about our updated plans. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to bring you a smooth Impact Winter experience as soon as possible." 

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Andy Chalk

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