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Immortal Planet is an action-RPG 'Souls-like' from the creator of Ronin

Tomasz Wacławek, the creator of the 2D turn-based stealth-combat game Ronin, has a new project arriving later this week called Immortal Planet, an isometric action-RPG he described as "a love letter to Dark Souls." 

Immortal Planet puts a priority on a careful and deliberate approach to combat, rather than twitchy reflexes. Stamina management is also vital, as exhausted enemies are more susceptible to attacks, while fresh ones can quickly turn the tables on careless players. Levels are built around single-checkpoints with multiple unlockable shortcuts that help ensure forward progression, and of course each level has its own multi-stage boss fight. 

"I wanted to create a game that would be my own take on [the] emerging genre of Souls-like games. For me, the core of a Souls-like game is the methodical combat where patience and focus are much more important than reflexes," Waclawek said.   

"In Immortal Planet, the player sees how much stamina enemies have and can plan his approach around that, but also exploit it—performing a dodge towards an exhausted enemy will let you bash him to stun him for a few seconds. It’s a risky tactic, as bashing an enemy with full stamina will stun the player instead. There are many items and spells in the game that use the stamina mechanic in innovative ways—cryo spells that damage stamina before affecting health, stims that instantly restore stamina, or attacks that deal bonus damage to enemies with low stamina." 

Immortal Planet is set for release on Steam on July 28. There's also a website you can dig into at

Update: The post originally indicated that Immortal Planet would be out on July 27. The proper release date is July 28.

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