iBuyPower now offers standalone Snowblind cases with LCD side panels

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, system builder iBuyPower is making its Snowblind S and Snowblind Element cases available as standalone products. These cases are unique in that they each feature a transparent LCD panel.

iBuyPower launched its Snowblind series nearly three years ago. At the time and up until now, however, these cases have only been available as part of a prebuilt system, with prices starting at $1,499.

"By offering one of the most iconic cases in the market as a standalone product when the Snowblind has traditionally only been available as a prebuilt system, we are broadening our horizons within the PC and gaming industry while we celebrate 20 years of successful business," iBuyPower says.

The Snowblind Element is based on NZXT's S340 case, while the Snowblind S is iBuyPower's own custom design. Both feature a 19-inch transparent TN display, the former with a 1024x1280 resolution and the later with a 1280x1024 resolution. The numbers are swapped because the side panel on the Snowblind Element is taller than it is wide, while the window on the Snowblind S is wider than it is tall.

These configurable screens splash custom images, video wallpapers, and other graphics effects, such as real-time temps. iBuyPower offers some images to get users started, and notes that the free Rainmeter application can be used to create custom designs.

Both cases come in a white color scheme, with three white LED illuminated fans included. Pricing is not cheap, though. The Snowblind Element is available now for $299.99 from Amazon, Newegg, and iBuyPower, while the Snowblind S will be available soon for $249.

There's also a third option with an LCD screen, the Snowblind Noctis N450. As the name implies, this one is based on NZXT's Noctis 450. It's available now for $349.

Paul Lilly

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