"I wish we had more time to polish the game before release", says Kingdom Come: Deliverance exec producer

Despite selling over a million copies in less than a fortnight, Kingdom Come: Deliverance's executive producer, Martin Klíma, would've liked more time to polish the game.

In a community Q&A posted on the official forum, Klíma answered a long list of questions from fans, discussing everything from his favourite music playlist, to the day-to-day activities of an executive producer. 

When asked what he thought of Kingdom Come: Deliverance being considered by some as a AAA game (that is, a big-budget game with significant time and financial investment), Klíma said that while he didn't think that KCD was a AAA—particularly as he thought most big games were too forgiving, better suited to "the most casual and absent-minded players"—he didn't necessarily consider it as an indie game, either. 

"I don’t see KCD as competing with the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Shadow of War," he said. "We simply don’t have resources to create a game like that. I don’t view us as an indie game either, though. 

"The trend I see in ‘real’ AAA games, like the ones I mentioned above, is toward making games more and more forgiving, better suited to the most casual and absent-minded players; they are games that in effect are ‘playing themselves’. So, you have all those different markers, prompts and handy hints that you never have to think about what to do next.

"On the other hand, we see a trend among indie games that are both more original and less forgiving, but because of limited budgets they have to go for a format that is somewhat simpler to develop for, e.g. many of them are 2D platformers or top-down scrollers," he added. "KCD is an attempt of bridging the two: it is an indie game at heart – more hardcore, more demanding, more fierce – but with the visuals and production values of AAA game.

"I freely admit though that I wish we had more time to polish the game before the release, that’s what AAA game deserves."

Klíma finished on thanking the community, stating they were "the best fans a game could wish for" and adding that "seldom did I see such mature, reasonable and supportive community". 

In our Kingdom Come: Deliverance review, we gave it 84, stating: "Bugs and performance issues aside, Kingdom Come is a seriously satisfying role-playing experience set in a rich, reactive world."

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