The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a couple years under its belt now. If you're considering a new playthrough—or a first one with the benefits of a couples years of mod development—we've got a list of the best tweaks and fixes for you to try. There are still mods being developed for KCD, thanks in part to the official modding tools released by Warhorse Studios on Nexus Mods in 2019.

KCD's commitment to realism is neat, initially, but can quickly become a bother. Several of the mods we've selected help to do away with helmet vision and other annoyances. Others, like the No GPS, bring back some realism. Whatever degree of immersion you like your big RPGs cooked to, the beset Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods have you sorted.

And for those looking for console commands to enhance your experience in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we've got a handy list of those console codes, too.

Unlimited Saving

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KCD has some restrictions on when you can save your game, limiting it to when you sleep in a bed or drink 'Savior Schnapps' (in addition to autosaves and saving upon exiting the game). The idea is that with limited saves players will be more careful with their decision-making and perhaps have to live with the choices they've made, good or bad. 

The idea of the Unlimited Saving mod, created by EddieShoe, is this: it's your game, so save whenever the heck you want. It allows you to save the game from the main menu at will, even if you don't have Schnapps in your inventory. There's still a hard limit of 30 saved games before it begins prompting you to overwrite one of them. This mod has been updated to work with patch 1.3.1.

Sectorial Lockpicing

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Sectorial Lockpicking, created by Tyddy, adds visual spokes to the 'wheel' of the locks you pick. This gives you a visual aid as to where to keep your cursor while turning the lock, instead of only being able to rely on the yellow hover zone (I wrote a bit more about it here). It makes lock-picking a shade easier without making it completely easy.

A Sorted Inventory

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Poor Henry, his pockets are stuffed with weapons, food, and loot, and it's a bit hard for the lad to stay organized. While you can sort in categories, the A Sorted Inventory mod by Haslami (inspired by another inventory sorting mod by Papirnehezek) tags every item in the game with a prefix that gathers them into lovely alphabetical lists by item type. At a glance, you'll be able to quickly find what you're looking for.

More Functions for Right Mouse Button

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This mod is handy, literally: it allows you to do more with the hand resting on your mouse by adding extra functionality for your right mouse button. You can skip the intro movie, back out of cutscenes, close the map and inventory screens, skip through conversations, cancel haggling sessions, and much more. Very useful if you don't feel like tapping keys since you've already got a finger resting on that mouse button anyway. No need to memorize all its uses: it also adds a prompt onscreen.

First-person Herb Picking

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Your interest in this mod is probably proportional to the level of your herbalism skill. If you're an avid weed-picker, you may be annoyed by the fact that every time you harvest a plant, the game takes you out of first-person perspective and into third. The first-person herb-picking mod keeps you in first-person view while picking plants.

No GPS and Remove Compass

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: no gps and remove compass

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If you're looking for a bit more of a challenge and added immersion, this No GPS mod will remove you from the map each time you use it. The basic version of the mod will still center the map on your location, but the full version will center on the spot you last added a map marker. Finding your way around will require a bit more work, since you won't simply see your precise spot on the map. For an even bigger challenge and more realism, there's also a mod that removes your compass.


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You'll have to start a new game to fully enjoy this mod, but Perkaholic by Xylozi adds perks to Agility, Unarmed, and your Bow skill. New perks for Agility will let you take even less damage from falling, while perks for Unarmed will give you faster sprinting speeds, more damage during combat, lessen the rate of bleeding from wounds, and more. Bow perks include greater accuracy, better odds for poisoning, and more frequent knockouts for striking an enemy in the head.

Very Unintrusive Reticle

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The UI in KCD isn't exactly sleek, and the reticle onscreen at all times (except when using your bow—more on that in a moment) is a heavy yellow dot that isn't exactly attractive to stare at all day. Very Unintrusive Reticle by Lobuno de-colors the reticle and makes it mostly transparent, so you will barely see it unless you're really looking.

If that's a little too unintrusive for your tastes, there's also a mod called Unintrusive Reticle by PcFreaky99 that you can try, which isn't as unintrusive at the Very Unintrusive one, but it still less intrusive than the vanilla one. I think that all made sense.

Restore Halberds

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Restore Halberds, a mod by Tahknall, turns polearms into primary weapons and displays the experience bar for your (normally hidden) polearms weapons proficiency. That means you can now equip, repair, and use polearms as either two-handed weapons or one-handed with a shield, on horseback or on foot.

Roads Are Dangerous

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: roads are dangerous

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Roads Are Dangerous, created by Zaatch, is a mod for players looking for a bit more conflict while fast-traveling. It ups the chances of running into trouble while moving across the map, and includes an optional module that adds different types of enemy encounters, like the Merry Lads, who are bandits dressed as noblemen, and bigger, tough warriors called Berserkers. 

No Stamina Visual Effects

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: no stamina visual effects

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Let's face it: Henry is no superman, and that's by design. While it's natural he can't run or swing a heavy sword for very long without getting winded, you may not be a fan of how the game informs you that Henry is almost out of gas. The color drains from the screen and your vision blurs, and there are audio cues to tell you that you're low on stamina—but it's all pretty heavy-handed. 

The No Stamina Visual Effects mod by TheCorex comes in three versions: no visual cues, no sound cues, or both visual and sound cues removed (meaning you'll have to keep your eye on your stamina meter to tell when you're out of juice).

Bow Dot Reticle

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: bow dot reticle

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Remember that yellow reticle that (perhaps) annoys you because it's always present? Well, it may also annoy you that it vanishes when you use your bow. Some folks like it that way, making aiming more challenging, but others wouldn't mind a little aid when loosing arrows. The Bow Dot Reticle mod, by FoX_D3ff3nd3R, keeps the aiming dot in place when you ready your bow. Good hunting.

No Helmet Vision

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: no helmet vision

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I feel like everyone has a limit when it comes to how much realism we want in games. How much do we really want? Like, really? While it makes perfect sense that when you wear a helmet in a first-person game it would obstruct your vision, you may not really want that. No Helmet Vision, by JustAnOrdinaryGuy, removes the obstruction so you can have a clean view of the world. Perhaps it's not realistic, but it may be more enjoyable.

Volumetric Fog Enabler

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: volumetric fog enabler

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Apparently, volumetric fog exists for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but it was left dormant by the developers. Volumetric Fog Enabler, by Moosan82, lets you turn it on if you'd like to add a little more atmosphere to your surroundings.

Dark Times Overhaul

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: dark times overhaul

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The first really ambitious-sounding mod for KCD, now in beta, is Dark Times - A Difficulty and Balance Overhaul, by sidewayz24. It's making changes to lots of aspects of the game, tweaking carry weight, stamina regeneration, XP gain, jail time and punishments for crimes, random encounter chances, and more. 

The mod tunes the economy, making changes to vendor pricing and replenishment times, as well as tweaks to combat, making enemies more difficult in battle. It's even overhauling perks and visuals. The end goal is to make progression slower, the economy harsher, and combat more challenging. It incorporates a number of existing mods: check the mod page to see exactly which ones, and to read a more thorough description of Dark Times (or to submit feedback if you've tried it).

Skip Intro Movies

The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods: skip intro movies

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It's perhaps a minor annoyance, but still: having to press E every time you launch the game because the narrator wants to tell you the same thing he's told you every time you've launched the game... it grows tiresome. (Though it's a bit like a minigame: can I cut him off before he finishes saying "Charles"? Yes!)

Anyway. The Skip Intro Movies mod by PcFreaky99 cuts the narrator off automatically. For good.

NPCs Complain Less

Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod - NPCs complain less

(Image credit: BlacRyu and rataj)

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KCD's townsfolk are a sensitive bunch. They're liable to tell you off just for bumping their shoulder on the way through town which quickly goes from a minor distraction to a real annoyance. Who are these folks to holler at me on my nice stroll through town. With this mod by BlacRyu it takes a lot more force for NPCs to get actively angry at you. No longer will a passing nudge send them flying off the handle.

Henry Face Customization

Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod - Henry face customization

(Image credit: Fuse00)

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Admit it. Henry's a bit bland, isn't he? If you've ever wanted to make him just a bit more spicy, modder Fuse00 has several great and mostly lore-friendly options for you. Henry can have a scar on his face, a few different hair cuts, or a roguish beard. There's also a Ronald McDonald version. I don't want to know who is using that one and why. 

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