I demand you stop what you're doing and look at this cute Mac-shaped charger

Cute Fast Charger.
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Have you ever seen a product that is so adorable you feel obligated to let everyone within earshot know? That's happening to me right now. I came across this little cutie today, and I would be an absolute monster if I didn't let the world know about this retro PC charger on sale at Drop for $32. I don't know if I can get the word out to absolutely everyone, but I'd settle for, like, a billion people putting their eyes on this thing.

The Retro PC GaN Fast Charger is a 35W charger shaped like an adorable retro personal computer. I assume the name is as generic as possible to avoid any copyright attention from Apple, but the description on the product page says it's modeled after an "old school Mac." Of course, it has a little happy face on it. 

The feature I really like is how the screen on the charger lights up different colors to let you know what kind of charge you're getting (fast, slow, or normal). It also comes with a handful of transparent stickers that go on top of the computer, though according to some of the product reviews, there's no way to remove the happy face, so the stickers sort of just sit on top of it, which looks a little odd. 

The charger outputs a maximum of 35 watts via USB-C 3.0 power delivery, charging small devices like tablets, phones, handhelds like the Steam Deck, and even small laptops (though for those last two, you're probably going to want a 45W charger or higher). The box also includes travel adapters to make for easier vacation charging. 

$32 is a reasonable price for a 35W USB-C charger since decent ones sell for around $25-$40, and none of them are this cute. As someone with no problem overpaying (due to poor impulse control) for cool-looking things, like custom keycaps or a terrible Sonic the Hedgehog headset, I was doomed the moment I saw it.

The Retro PC GAN Fast Charger is available now. I do have some bad news, though: the charger does not come with the mini keyboard, mouse, or floppy disks pictured next to it in promotional photos, which is an absolute shame. 


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