I bought this Razer gaming keyboard at full price but you don't have to while it's 50% off

Razer Huntsman Elite
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Razer Huntsman Elite | Full-size | Razer opto-mechanical switch (linear) | Per-key RGB lighting | $199.99 $99.51 at Amazon (save $100)

Razer Huntsman Elite | Full-size | Razer opto-mechanical switch (linear) | Per-key RGB lighting | $199.99 $99.51 at Amazon (save $100)
This mechanical keyboard sports Razer's opto-mechanical switches, dedicated media keys, and supports customisable RGB Chroma technology. It's very flashy, literally, but there's more to it than looks alone. Those speedy opto-mechanical switches are great for competitive gaming.

If you're looking for a Black Friday keyboard deal, you could do much worse than the Razer Huntsman Elite. While it may not be the newest keyboard on the block, it's a solid addition to any set-up, and the good news is that the Razer Huntsman is $99.51 on Amazon right now. The listing boasts a saving of around $100—though the sale price is closer to a $50 discount when considering its average historical price.

So what do you get for your money? The Huntsman Elite uses Razer's own opto-mechanical switches which boast virtually no actuation delay. If you're interested in the science bit, these switches mix an optical sensor with a traditional mechanical switch design—the keypress is registered when a beam of light passes through the stem of the switch as it descends, rather than using the contact of metal leaves.

Just as importantly, the Razer Huntsman Elite is incredibly comfy for both typing and playing games. It has never been a cheap mechanical keyboard and I was dubious when I took the plunge and bought one myself a couple of years ago. Happily though, it has seen me through my day job and an entire World of Warcraft expansion since then—the poor thing sees very little downtime. 

Naturally, the Huntsman Elite includes Razer's Chroma technology so you won't feel left out if customisable RGB lighting is your thing. It also boasts dedicated media keys and onboard storage, though there's no USB passthrough which may be a deal breaker.

If you're not convinced, you can check out more Black Friday keyboard and mouse deals to see what else is on offer.  

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