I am now convinced that every case maker should use a banana for scale

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Cooler Master has announced a new compact MasterCase H100 chassis with a built-in handle, and normally that combination would be the attention grabber. Not so today, folks. I think the real takeaway is that bananas belong in hardware photo shoots.

Maybe I'm giving the banana too much credit, and it's the blurred background (known as bokeh) that makes this a banging photo. But enough alliteration, and enough about the banana. Let's talk about this case.

What was it that made it noteworthy? Ah yes, it's diminutive (comparatively) size and integrated carrying handle. Cooler Master cleverly calls the MasterCase H100 "a little game changer." It also considers this case to be a "travel-sized alternative" to other options, in case you're the type that frequents LAN parties. Or hates laptops.

The case measures 312 x 216 x 301 mm if you count the protrusions, otherwise it checks in at 278 x 216 x 294 mm. There's no mention of the weight, but I bet it packs more heft than a banana.

Only compact motherboards need apply, as in mini-ITX. Motherboard makers have generally done a good job packing more features into mini-ITX offerings, so despite the size limitation, you could build a powerful gaming PC inside this thing. And take it with you, like an orange (you thought I was going to say banana, didn't you?).

It's hard to see without a banana in the pic, but the MasterCase H100 is compact. (Image credit: Cooler Master)

There are just two expansion slots. Keep that in mind when shopping for a graphics card, as some burlier models take up three slots (which is effectively the case for cards listed as being 2.5 slots).

For storage, you get four 2.5-inch drive bays, one of which can alternatively fit a 3.5-inch drive. That's plenty for the average user, especially if going with an NVMe SSD that plugs directly into the motherboard.

What about cooling? There's nothing bananas (I can't stop!) in terms of cooling, as you would expect in a compact chassis. However, Cooler Master does mate a mesh design with a preinstalled 200mm RGB front intake fan, which you could swap out for a 140mm liquid cooling radiator. There's no rear exhaust fan, so Cooler Master is effectively relying on copious ventilation (mesh front and top) and the large intake fan to get the job done.

Cooler Master says the MasterCase H100 will be available soon for an affordable £54.99. Several sites have also listed an MSRP of $69.99 in the US, but that was left out of the press release I received (and it's not listed on Amazon yet, but hopefully will be in time for Prime Day). I've reached out to Cooler Master for clarification and will update this article when I hear back (and after I finish my banana).

Paul Lilly

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