I Am Alive dev retracts PC hate


As we reported yesterday , I Am Alive's creative director Stanislas Mettra's comments have caused an uproar among PC Gamers. In an interview with IncGamers , Mettra said that his game wouldn't be coming to the PC due to “bitching” (not in a good way) PC gamers and the levels of piracy apparently afflicting our beloved platform.

In a statement to Incgamers today , Mettra retracted his comments, putting it down to errors in translation. “I would really love to see a pc build of the game and I dont think I meant to say 'the game won't happen on pc,'” he said. “It's probably an English language miscommunication (I am not native English speaker).”

Mettra goes on to say that his team are looking into the feasibility of the PC build. He finishes by saying: “Honestly, which game maker would not love his game to be playable on as many platforms and by as many people as possible?”

This either means one of two things. Mettra could be telling the truth about the mistranslation - although his original digs at PC gaming seemed too plentiful to be down to some kind of linguistic error. Or I Am Alive publishers Ubisoft gave him a bit of a telling off due to the bad publicity he's caused, and put him on the naughty step until he issued a retraction.

One thing's sure though - after all this kerfuffle, Ubisoft must give us I Am Alive on the PC. It's the only way to compensate for the distress and suffering they've caused recently.