Husk is a Silent Hill-esque horror game framed by domestic violence

Despite the fact its protagonist is seen loading a gun in the trailer below, incoming horror game Husk bills itself as a first-person perspective game rather than a first-person shooter. This probably means Husk will combine its glaring survival horror inspiration—namely Silent Hill, Alan Wake and Twin Peaks—with a degree of exploration. It's out on February 3 and the little on show has definitely piqued my interest. 

Set in the abandoned town of Shivercliff, you assume the role of Matthew Palmer—a civilian who's just woken up after a train crash having lost his wife and daughter. Over the course of the next four to five hours you're tasked with tracing your absent loved ones while battling "different types of monsters and boss fights", and solving riddles in a "dark and intriguing story."  

The following trailer sets the game's stage and offers a glimpse at some brief snippets of in-game footage. Besides a typically Silent Hill backing track, it explores themes of domestic violence and is narrated by an adult seemingly recalling his childhood. At this stage it's not clear whether or not this is the star of Husk's show, but I'd hazard a guess that it is. 

"We are extremely excited that in less than a month players all over the world will be able to experience our debut game – the result of our cooperation with IMGN.PRO," says developer UndeadScout's Łukasz Noculak. "In our newest trailer, we unveil some secrets about the main plot. Drawing on the elements of oneiric horror, in Husk we strive to touch upon real and often very painful problems. I’d rather not reveal any more details right now –you’ll soon be able to discover them on your own!"

Husk is due February 3. Here's some screens until then: